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Q: Is it a national competition?

A: Yes, if you’re a licenced plumber in Australia, you can enter.


Q: I'm an apprentice plumber, can I enter? 

A: Yes, if you are an apprentice to a licenced plumber.


Q: I'm a tradie and do some plumbing can I enter? 

A: Yes, if you're a licenced plumber.


Q: I can sing, but can I get a musician mate or mates to accompany me on guitar or piano? 

A: Yes, no problem.


Q: Can I sing my own song/a song I’ve written? 

A: Absolutely, go for it.


Q: Can I sing any song I want? 

A: You can only sing one of the many songs provided in the ‘Singers’ Section.

Q: Can I enter more than one category? 

A: Yes.


Q: Will I be expected to perform live if I get through to the Grand Finale? 

A: Yes, it'll be a fun, live show with you as one of the stars.


Q: What are my chances of me winning? 

A: If you're really good, so are your chances!

Q: What happens if I make the final but can’t make it on the 3rd Sept? 

A: Unfortunately, that date can’t be moved, but hold your talent until next time.


Q: My post got lots of likes but I didn’t make the final. Why? 

A: Even if you have loads of likes, it’s 25% of the overall vote so you’ve got to impress those judges as they’ve got the other 75% of the vote.

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